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First Guaranty is at the forefront of innovative insurance product design, packaging, and branding to meet our clients’ specific needs. In addition, we offer the following services to our clients free of charge.

Risk Management Services

We design and recommend adequate risk management techniques capable of eliminating or reducing the impact of loss occurrence on the business activities of our existing and potential valued customers by special means of identification and analysis of the various risks to which their businesses and/or assets are exposed.

Policy Interpretation

We ensure that policy documents issued by insurance companies to our valued clients are consistent with the objective(s) of the insurance cover. All policies are therefore scrutinized to make sure loopholes are blocked.

Cost Audit

It is one of our policies to ensure that adequate cost/ benefit analysis is carried out for our valued clients to ensure that premium/ cost is consistent with the risk/ cover provided. We also recommend, where necessary, appropriate restructuring of our client’s existing insurance portfolio to achieve minimal cost while at the same time guaranteeing maximum cover.

Claims Processing/Settlement

We engage all means possible to ensure prompt settlement of our valued clients’ claims and ensure that their interests are well-protected. These we achieve by deploying our experienced claim personnel to get themselves involved in all negotiations on behalf of our clients.

Our Unique and Distinctive Positioning

  • Strategically located and well-equipped offices in various locations.
  • A team of experienced and new economy people.
  • Deployment of latest Information Technology to drive service delivery.
  • Innovative and Flexible Approach to Business.

Our Services
Our services include:

  • Insurance Broking – development and management of appropriate insurance programs at optimum cost.
  • Insurance Consultancy Services, Risk Management Services
  • Claims Management Services
  • Insurance Market Review
  • Financial Review of Insurers
  • Data Analytics (providing loss ratios and analyzing claims statistics).
  • Employee Benefits
  • Insurance Audits
  • Captive Management (other forms of alternative risk transfer).
  • Placement of Special Risks (Terrorism, Political violence risks, Kidnap, and ransom).
  • Reinsurance Broking.

Our Products
These are the principal classes of insurance covers available in our product line. If your business falls under any of our product lists, please contact First Guaranty for advice.

  • Agricultural Insurance, All Risks Insurance
  • Goods in Transit, Bond and Guarantees
  • Liability Insurance, Money Insurance
  • Computer/Electronic Insurance
  • Energy Insurance, Engineering Insurance
  • Group Life, Group Personal Accident
  • Marine Insurance
  • Health Insurance, Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance, Motor Insurance
  • Personal Accident, Travel Insurance
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