Motor Insurance

We understand that when an accident occurs and perhaps, there are damages to a prized vehicle, you certainly do not need an insurance company to add to your worries! Therefore, at FGRS, it is a matter of priority to make it easy, both to insure and more importantly, process claims on your policy once reported.

Comprehensive Motor Policy:

Accidental damage,
Fire and Theft of Own vehicle,
Third Party Property Damage, Bodily injury or Death to Third Party,
Emergency medical expenses, reasonable cost of towing and protection,
Flood, Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion.

Third Party Fire & Theft:

Third Party Property Damage
Third Party Death and Bodily Injury
Third-party medical treatment costs
Theft or attempted theft of the insured vehicle
Fire damage to the insured vehicle

Third Party:

Damage to Third Party Vehicle and other Property,
Third Party Death and Bodily Injury
Third Party Medical Expenses and Cost of litigation.

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