Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo: Provides coverage against physical loss or damage to cargo while in transit, either internationally or domestically.

Marine Hull & Machinery: Covers accidental physical damage or loss to vessel by collision, theft, sinking and other perils. It also covers life boats, rafts and all physical equipment, stores and supplies and items needed to run and sustain the ship and crew.

Protection and Indemnity: The Protection & Indemnity policy provides coverage for a vessel owner’s liabilities arising out of the operation of scheduled vessels such as damage to third party property, third party bodily injury or death and injury or death to vessel passengers or crew.

Terminal Operators Liability: This marine policy is designed to provide the terminal operator with coverage for damage to cargo while in their care, custody and control for purposes of import and export. This coverage is typically combined with Comprehensive Marine Liability based on clients request and scope of operation

Maritime Employers Liability: The Maritime Employers Liability policy typically provides coverage for Insured’s employees while working on non-owned or operated vessels. Coverage placements are also available for employees whose duties on owned vessels are not to act as captain or crew.