Goods in Transit

This policy is aimed at business organizations that regularly move assets/goods/products from one location to another within the country. Due to the high level of risk (accidental damage/ robbery) involved in transporting goods across the country, it is important for companies to secure themselves against loss/damage to their goods.

Who needs it?

  • If you have a lorry or a truck that you use for transporting goods/products from one state to the other
  • If you operate a haulage or courier business
  • If your organization moves goods from one location to another this insurance policy is for you!

Our policy provides cover against accidental loss or damage caused to your goods whilst in transit anywhere within Nigeria. The goods covered comprise of raw materials and finished goods used in all your product lines:

  • Goods on insured’s own vehicles with a sum insured specified for each vehicle.
  • Goods dispatched by the insured’s own vehicles either by road haulage, rail and post subject to a limit of any one consignment.

Tip If you are moving your goods through haulage/courier/truck company, ensure the mode of transportation is also insured!

It is good you know that, Goods in Transit Insurance policy is limited to goods moving from one state to another within Nigeria. It does not extend to states or countries outside the Federal territory.